Monday, October 31, 2005

A Woman Sat Down and the World Turned Around

Rosa Parks, RIP

The Gutless Anonymous Liar

I repost a series of emails recieved this morning .... HAHAHAHAHAHA

A note on something I said on the blog in June about the anti-vax-liars brought this and then this on this fine AM … … read Peter Bowditch’s site …. HAHAHAHAHA …he even reads CHATTER by Ron Davis …. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
Anything stolen from Peter Bowditch, disgusting liar, libelist, defamor and molester should be soaked in a solution of 100% chlorine, baked in autoclave at 1500 degrees for a month, and buried in a lead container for its half life of 25,000 years. Then it might be safe use but at borrowers own risk.
12:02 PM
I writ to Peter: In response to a blog that I wrote last spring . I got this comment today … your Anon fan is slow to catch up on his correspondence, or maybe couldn’t find his five-year-old to read it for him…. Incidentally are you really a defamor?? Is that anything like a paramour???



Peter Bowditch said...
I wonder why Mr William P O'Neill of the Canadian Cancer Research Group takes so long to post comments. Here he is responding to something written in June, but he has taken until October to have anything to say. He took even longer to respond to something on the Australian Skeptics blog, where it took him six months to read what was there. Perhaps it's all the big words.More about Mr O'Neill at
5:12 AM

John Stone said...
HAHAHA ... Peter .. you caught the gutless anonymous liar again ....HAHAAHA .. I am impressed, I was wondering who it was ...
7:33 AM

Go to listed at the end of msg and look in the 6/2005 archive for the anti-vax-liars….

Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's just a negro problem ...

That's that what Cris Craddock (R-R) said:

"Africans will have sex with anything that has a pulse."

Read it all here.

Deos that include dead repub prezs too ... Nixon would be a lousy lay.

Why should we hate Repugs? Cris Craddock is the answer.

Incidentally he looks gay to me, what do you think? Maybe we can call him Crash Craddock.

Friday, October 28, 2005

What hurricanes have done FOR America

They have raised the education level of people in Louisiana, Massabama, Texas and Florida -- an advance that is sorely needed.

People down there now actually know two letters of the Greek alphabet.

Miers mired

GWB is waist deep in the Big Muddy.

The entire West Wing is going to jail.

The death, destruction and chaos is getting worse in Iraq, in spite of the waving purple fingers.

Louisiana, Massabama and now Florida are disasters of Biblical proportions.

Syria threatens us to do anything about them for any reason anytime.

Iran has a purple finger just for us ... but it's not the index finger.... (what color is your ass today?)

And now the jezus freaks are all upset with the Toy-Prez. So much so, that in punishment for nominating one of those uppity women to the SC, they are going to drag him down, just at a time when it's most needed.

The big mistake yesterday from the White House (other than letting Simple Scotty open his mouth), was to announce that she had thrown herself on George's fire and is not burning brightly, is that it was a day too early. If he had waited until today he could have confused the librul media by having two BIG stories to cover. And everyone knows the crack White House News people can't walk and chew gum.

Georgie-Porgie needs a new candidate who will satisfy the crazy Afganie Mullahs in his party.

Look for him to nominate St. John the Magnificent Asscroft to the Supremes. Or maybe Oral-Orin.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Indictment News HOT!HOT!HOT!

This from a source that I have never found to be in error:

Washington, DC--October 21, 2005--12:00 exclusive--Today Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald handed over 22 indictments to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, accusing President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney and others of espionage, obstruction of justice, perjury and a variety of other charges in the matter of the CIA/Valerie Plame leak-gate case.

According to intelligence sources who spoke with federal whistleblowers Thomas Heneghan and Stewart Webb, Bush then ordered Gonzalez to fire Fitzgerald and have the indictments quashed and sealed.

I have two words...

For Unca' Dick-Dick Cheney, for KKKarl Rove, Scooter Libby, Steve Hadley,
Scott McClellan and 8 others in the White House who will be indicted this week.

Ken Lay

Christians Kill HS Radio Station

How disgusting can it get when you combine Xtians and government?

This is how to give High Schools an object lesson in the love of Jeeeeeezzzzzzuuuuussss. Bless ya' Lawd. But we need money ... so all's fair in war and religionistism.

Read about it here.

Screw your damn little football game. We got the Pfat Pfool Pfalwell, Doc Dobson, Jimmy (R-gimmeaho) Swaggering, Pitty-Pat Robertson, Jimmy (R-Ilovemakeup) Bakker, and Floyd from radio KWTO, on our Xtian/republican/Government network.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

She-Man-Ann Implodes

Once a man, now a skinny woe-man in too short skirts, flashing Geraldo, has finally met his end.

The conservatives, in enough deep shit with all their other heros, have pushed him over the side.

Read about it here

He is far too emaciated to float ... think of starving AIDS patients in Africa .... but was found when a local fisherman, the Right Reverend Shiver Metimbers, found something entangled in his crabbing net attached by long blond trusses.

SGF Bloggers Meeting

We came, we drank, we adjourned.

Listen to a very interesting podcast on Andy Cline's Retorica site by going HERE.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bugman to do Perp Walk Friday

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Rep. Tom DeLay will likely be booked in a Texas county jail this week despite attempts by his attorneys to bypass the fingerprinting and mug shot process.

Wonder if Billy'sBoyToyRoy can learn anything?

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Worst Blog on the Face of the Planet

And of course it would have to be from an employee of KW-SHIT talk radio and Po'Kenny Meyer.

Sell more ads on a radio station with a 4.0 rating ....

See it HERE

And the Karmic Wheel Keeps Turning

Tom Delay

KKKarl Rove

Jack Abamoff

Da' Dukster Cunningham


Scooter Libby

Unca' Dick-Dick Cheney

Ralph Reed

The Pigman

Bobby Stumbo

And a couple of dozen others whose names I don't want to remember.....

Saturday, October 15, 2005

15 Biblical Ways to Find a Wife

1. Find an attractive prisoner of war, bring her home, shave her head, trim her nails, and give her new clothes. Then she's yours. -- (Deuteronomy 21:11-13)

2. Find a prostitute and marry her. -- Hosea (Hosea 1:1-3)

3. Find a man with seven daughters, and impress him by watering his flock. -- Moses (Exodus 2:16-21)

4. Purchase a piece of property, and get a woman as part of the deal. -- Boaz (Ruth 4:5-10)

5. Go to a party and hide. When the women come out to dance, grab one and carry her off to be your wife. -- Benjaminites (Judges 21:19-25)

6. Have God create a wife for you while you sleep. Note: this will cost you a rib. -- Adam (Genesis 2:19-24)

7. Agree to work seven years in exchange for a woman's hand in marriage. Get tricked into marrying the wrong woman. Then work another seven years for the woman you wanted to marry in the first place. That's right. Fourteen years of toil for a woman. -- Jacob (Genesis 29:15-30)

8. Cut off 200 foreskins off of your future father-in-law's enemies and get his daughter for a wife. -- David (I Samuel 18:27)

YIKKERS!!! Not for Claudia Schiffer even!!!!!

9. Even if no one is out there, just wander around a bit and you'll definitely find someone. (It's all relative of course.) -- Cain (Genesis 4:16-17)

10. Become the emperor of a huge nation and hold a beauty contest. -- Xerxes or Ahasuerus (Esther 2:3-4)

11. When you see someone you like, go home and tell your parents, "I have seen a ...woman; now get her for me." If your parents question your decision, simply say, "Get her for me. She's the one for me." -- Samson (Judges 14:1-3)

12. Kill any husband and take HIS wife. (Prepare to lose your son though). -- David (2 Samuel 11)

13. Wait for your brother to die. Take his widow. (It's not just a good idea, it's the law). -- Onan and Boaz (Deuteronomy or Leviticus, example in Ruth)

14. Don't be so picky. Make up for quality with quantity. -- Solomon (1 Kings 11:1-3)

15. A wife?...NOT!!! -- Paul (1 Corinthians 7:32-35

If none of these suit your style ... a twenty, an hour and a half, and a Friday trip to Cartoons should do it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rove's Defense

Karl didn't do anything wrong.
And even if he did, Valerie Plame wasn't a spy.
And even if she was, she wasn't undercover.
And even if she was, Wilson told everyone
And even if he didn't, everyone knew who she was anyway.
And even if they didn't, she had not done anything secret on the last 5 years.
And even if she did, outing her wasn't a crime
And even if it was, outing her did not ruin a 20 year CIA operation and their front company Brewster &Jennings
And even if it did, outing her did not endanger her and her family
And even if it did, outing her did not endanger other CIA agents who worked for her
And even if it did, they deserved it because her CIA group was out to get Bush
And even if they weren't, Wilson lied.
And even if he didn't, it was trap concocted by Wilson's buddy Clinton and his wife Hillary to get at Bush
And even if it wasn't, Wilson was a partisan Democrat.
And even if he wasn't, his report wasn't important to anyone outside the Wilson household.
And even if it was, it was full of mistakes and grammar errors.
And even if it wasn't, everyone leaks intel like that in Congress.
And even if they don't, David Corn outed her first
And even if he didn't Novak never said her name
And even if he did he was never warned by the CIA not to do it
And even if he was Rove never said her name
And even if he did there is no proof
And even if there's proof, Rove only was only trying to prevent a mistake
And even if there was no mistake to prevent, Rove heard it from another reporter
And even if he didn't, he didn't know it was his job to prevent the leak
And even if he did, it's not like he signed a document saying he would never do it
And even if he did, it's not like Rove's boss promised to fire anyone involved
And even if he did, it's not like Bush signed a document saying he had to take corrective action
And even if he did, there is no proof someone from the WH blabbed
And even if there is proof, Judy Miller is not going to talk
And even if Judy talks, she was never working on a story about Wilson
And even if she was, there are no notes and the NYT denies it
And even if there are notes, Rove never mentioned any of this to anyone in the WH
And even if he did, no one will ever find the e-mail
And even if they find it, Rove had just forgotten about it
And even if he didn't forget, he lied to Bush and GW is innocent
And even if he isn't Democrats and Clinton are 'out to get Rove and Bush with lies and innuendo
And even if they are telling the truth...
Hey look over there: See Miers ? Letter from Al Qaeda ? Avian Flu ? Subway terror

Alert ? Valerie who ? This is old news...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Time for Another War

Bush's popularity rating is now lower than Richard Nixon's or Pol Pot's. So, since he is a "War President", it's time for another war. So how about an oldy but goodie. A war on porn.

Radio Hag, Laura (R-I'mBetterThanYou) Schlessinger, says it's a good idea. But as you can see above it wasn't always better for her. For some far more explicit pics of Laura The Unloved, go HERE. But be warned -- bring your barf bag --- it is ugly, ugly, ugly. Oh, BTW, "Doc" was married at the time this photo was taken. But not married to the guy who took the photos... she was just shacking overnight. Oh my ... what will the children think?

Boy George is going to pull 100 FBI agents off unimportant duties like antiterrorism, white collar thieves running corporations, and criminals in the White House and Congress, to peruse pages of Playboy.

Porn, to my knowledge has never been illegal. Obscenity, which is entirely different, may or may not be illegal. But a preacher talking about sex, getting all sweaty in the pulpit, dreaming of sex, hating/loving sex with a ho in a sleazy motel room on Airline Highway --- man that's the stuff that fills the pews and the collection plate. And those are the Toy-Prez's constituents.

Imagine a perspiring FBI loon, deep in the darkened basement, pouring over photos or internet sites, looking for --- tits. Easy enough to find ... the above is an example ... fake, to be sure, but everything else about the Radio Hog is fake too.

The rest of George's wars are going so well ... Iraq, Afganistan, Venesula, the poor in New Orleans... just to think of a few. Oh well, win a few lose a few ...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Poetry for Politicians

First, here's a note for the Hammer,
Please enjoy, many years in the slammer.

Here's one to Billy's Boy Blunt.
Who last Christmas pulled quite a stunt.
He finally got his Boy Runt,
Out of the house, and into the hunt.
He said, "Son, my money can't err,
I've got millions from K Street, I'll get you there.
I'll dress you real nice, I'll buy a fur for your wife,
It will look kinda' stupid,
But, then, you ain't no Cupid.
Go to Jeff City, at least some of the time.
And when they start looking for money
And say that the budget looks rather funny,
Just do like your old man -- grunt.
Run like hell, and get ready to punt.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Rove Now Investigation "Target"

As the Bush Administration and the Repugs continue to disintregrate in their own slime, stink, and mire, KKKarl is strangely absent. This is the reason why.

And to add.... A spy has been caught on Unca' Dick-Dick's office.

See it here.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Boiling Xtian Fundies in Their Own Bile

These people are freaks, nuts ... they belong in carnival sideshows along with the bearded lady and the calf with two heads.

And they are much beloved figures of respect in Springfield, Missouri.

They pass laws ... for instance this withered up prune of a quasi-human character got herself elected to the Indiana Lege. And then she started introducing laws. And here is one of them:


Think I am kidding? Not on your life. Here are some quotes from the bill.

Only women who are married will be considered for the "gestational certificate" that must be presented to any doctor who facilitates the pregnancy. Further, the "gestational certificate" will only be given to married couples that successfully complete the same screening process currently required by law of adoptive parents.

As it the draft of the new law reads now, an intended parent "who knowingly or willingly participates in an artificial reproduction procedure" without court approval, "commits unauthorized reproduction, a Class B misdemeanor." The criminal charges will be the same for physicians who commit "unauthorized practice of artificial reproduction."

Oh, but it gets better:

According to a draft of the recommended change in state law, every woman in Indiana seeking to become a mother through assisted reproduction therapy such as in vitro fertilization, sperm donation,and egg donation, must first file for a "petition for parentage" in their local county probate court.

Non-married mothers, like lesbian couples need not apply. Blacks will be automatically excluded to reduce the crime rates in Indiana (ref: William Bennett).

Here is a link to this piece of putrid bullshit:

Let's start by burning some Christians at the stake ... lions are too expensive, we have plenty of wood.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Turning on the Flashlight

Here you can see a higher resolution of the interior of the Federal Medical Center. If I were a terrorismist expert I could see where to land my helicopter or drop my smart bombs. And if you look real closely at the windows in the main building you can see the warden, sitting at his desk with a goon underneath it giving him a Monica.

You can zzom in enough to tell the makes of the cars in the parking lot ... if you look hard enough you can tell the sat was going over when goon-thug was illegally confiscating my film, breaking and entering my car, and violating my civil rights, because you can see me giving boy-goon the finger.

And the same thought is extended to goon-janitor, goon-guard, and goon-warden.

Sticking a flashlight up their butts

And now that I have the flashlight in the Warden's wet and fetid place ... I will turn it on in the next blog and show what arrogant, obscene, thugs they are:

Look at the driveway .. about the fourth tree from the entrance ... and then take a guess how far away it is from the prison itself.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Having some fun with goofs

I have a lot of fun taking photos. Occasionally when I am taking a photo out on the street someone will object to me doing it. Usually, I am courteous and then ignore them. But rarely someone will make a big deal out of it ... and I have had one run-in with some goons at the Federal Medical Center over taking some photos of trees in the driveway. (That little gem got the warden a letter from the ACLU asking if he were the idiot, or if he made it a policy to only hire idiots to work in his concentration camp.)

But I have noticed that if you are wearing a badge around your neck .. .you are official ... and people will leave you alone. So, I made up several, above is the latest, and I think the best.

Flickr is a photo site that gives a wonderful opportunity to show off photos and see photos from others. Everything is there except for hard-core porn. Photos range from great to lousy. You can go here to see mine.

Amazing how much respect otherwise intelligent people will give to a little piece of plastic.