Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Katrina One Year Later

Before you go any further you need to listen to this clip .... HERE ....

What we now realize is that this event was the downfall not only of the incredibly incompetent administration of George Bush, but the beginning of the downfall of the Republican Party which acted like worse lap dogs than Tony Blair. The end will come 62 days 2 hours 57 minutes from the time I write this.

The American public thought it was great fun to destroy a country, occupy a non-belligerent nation, cause death and destruction to ourselves, and place ourselves in an economic position that could very well spell the end of our nation as a great power. All great fun or a great yawn until they saw Katrina and the utter indifference shown, not to some nation half a world away, but the poorest and weakest in our own nation.

They can't spin their way out of 1600 dead, 250,000 homeless and displaced. Massive fraud and waste by republican well-connecteds, and promises broken. Promises broken not to some vaguely percieved enemy such as the "war on terra", but to the oath of office that they took to perserve the safety and welfare of our nation.


Bastards all

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Xrazy Xtians Declare Jihad on America

Why do I hate the Xrazy Xtians? Like that Xrazy Woman, VD(J)?

Easy. Just listen to these clips of VD(J) from this morning.

Jimmy Carter (D-not a Xtian)
Bill Moyers (D-not a Xtian)
Jessie Jackson (D-not a Xtain)
Thomas Jefferson (U-not a Xtian)
Thomas Paine (unknown - not a Xtian)
Charles Darwin (S-not a Xtian)
Dan Rather (R-not a Xtian)
Benjamin Hooks (D-not a Xtian)
Claire McKaskill (D-not a Xtian)

and on and on and on ....

And how about the REAL Xtians?

Billy'sBoyToyRoy (R-Xtian)
Jack Abramoff (R-Xtian/Jew)
Da' Dukester (R-Xtian)
Katherine Harris (R-Xtian)
Georgie (R-Xtian)
Bob Ney (R-Xtian)

and on and on and on.

VD(J) is a Xtian idiot. He is a combined idiot because he doesn't even know, like all good repugs should know, how to get rich in public office. Maybe that's because others see him as a Xtian idiot.

What a vile disgusting, chickenshit, woman he is.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Has She Dumped the Sperm Donor Yet?

Jim Bohannon has an observation on this set of Britt's pics in Harper's Bizzare.

Hidden from the camera view is a tattooed sticker that says, "Do not inflate to over 50 lbs per sq inch."

Culinary Delights for Granny and the Marmot

PZ over at Pharyngula has given us a list of deli items to be enjoyed as you tour the livestock barn and just before your ride on a 100 ft bungee cord.

Fried cheese puffs
Cajun Season Alligator Sausage on-a-stick
Deep Fried Cheese on a stick
Jerk pork chop drummy
Pancake wrapped around sausage on-a-stick
Uffda Treat
Belgium waffle on-a-stick
Australian Battered Potatoes
Cheese-burger calzones on-a-stick
Wild Rice corndogs
Key Lime Pie on-a-stick
Egg-roll on-a-stick
Fried-Egg Bagel Sandwich
Pizza on-a-stick
Political pop
Deep-fried twinkies
Frozen Coffee on-a-stick
Deep fried cheese curds
Tater-tot hotdish on-a-stick
Spaghetti and Meatball on-a-stick
Deep-fried candy bar on-a-stick
Deep fried oreos
Deep-fried spudsters on-a-stick
Spicy buffalo chicken filled wonton
Blackened Cajun steak on-a-stick
Bug juice
Scotch Meatball on-a-stick
Puff-daddy on-a-stick
Pizza burgers
Ice-cream on-a-stick
Fresh chocolate dipped marshmallows on-a-stick
Wall-Eye on-a-stick
Mac-n-cheese on-a-stick
Batter-dipped deep-fried chocolate chip cookies on-a-stick
Fried ravioli garlic bread

Yummy ... throw away your crock-pot.

As my pal Jim Bohannon points out: It is the easiest way in the world to apply spackling directly to your arteries. I have a great photo of him trying to get JoDee Messina to give a taste to a deep fried twinky ... just after she had gone thru rehab and was big into bicycling ... he acted like a single-person relapse clinic.

Televangelists Make you Fat

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen a photo of VD(J) but is now documented.

HERE ....

With role models like that Pfat Pfool Pfalwell, or that crazy fat guy down in Texas, who can possibly be amazed that they have stolen a bunch of loaves and fishes for their own use rather than giving them to the needy. But that's what religion is all about, eh?

They didn't pass up any donut shops either ....

Friday, August 25, 2006

Republicans into child porn

See the list HERE ... (long - takes time to load)

I haven't heard yet whether the "preacher" in McDonald County is a repug yet, but does anyone want to bet? ... I give odds.

Fine examples of our elected masters who tell us all the time that people like them, and people like VD(J) are our moral teachers.

Sharing cells with Da'Dukster Cunningham, Bob Ney, Jack Abramoff, the Hammer, Katherine Harris, and maybe even Billy'sBoyToyRoy seems about right to me.

I don't know what advice to give to VD(J). Should he call his pediatrician? Or exorcist?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Understanding Intelligent Design

Intelligent design theory is quickly gaining acceptance with school boards from Kansas to Pennsylvania. For those desiring to educate themselves on the basics of intelligent design theory I recommend the following simple self-education procedure:

Pick up a copy of The Design Revolution by William A. Dembski, one of the leading salesmen on intelligent design theory.

Tear out the pages of the book, crumple them up, and force them up the anus until the rectum is completely full. This will cauterize any bleeding caused by step 4 below. Make sure you don't accidentally read any of Dembski's book in the process.

Remove the radio antenna from a car, boat, boombox, or recreational vehicle. Insert the antenna up the left nostril and rotate the tip in a circular motion until the entire left hemisphere (including the cerebral cortex) is eviscerated. Be sure not to sever the corpus callosum.

Find an unoccupied restroom with an unpadded wooden toilet seat and place the head between the seat and porcelain rim. (Note: it is important to make sure that the seat is not padded or this just won't work.) Slam the toilet seat downward onto the side of the head repeatedly. This step is complete when you can nod silently through an entire two hour episode of The 700 club.

That's all there is to it. You now understand the other side of the evolution debate. Good luck with your future scientific discoveries.

VD(J) Needs Some Meds

He's in the maniac phase of his bipolar disease.... that's in addition to his social disease that he advertises with his name.

As an example I offer the following from this morning, Yesterday he had Ms. VD on the show. I tried to call in and ask her if she were like the wifey in Mt. Vernon who made blueberry pancakes. He declined my call.... insulting his wife is a no-no, insulting other peoples, wives is of course, OK.

BTW ... when is he going to defend his lack of honor with Mr. Mt. Vernon for charity.

Perhaps if he really wants to know if I look like my picture (which I admit is a little old), he will show up in the ring with Mt. Vernon wearing some boxing trunks rather than the panties he prefers.

Does the word "chickenshit" come to mind when you think of VD(J) and his military and recent personal action comes to mind???? Eh???

He thinks that is a photo of me. Well, it may be. On the other hand it may not be. I wonder if he has any idea, or if this is just another hot verbal fart from a cold ass? Either way ... his tits are bigger than mine ... which is the only claim to fame he can enjoy. Must be from too much dope smoking that he copped off the Guardian Angel groopies. I'll be the one ringside with all the cameras to record the festivities for posterity.

Oh, yes. And the bloging community as a whole? He doesn't think much of all of them either. At least not since the CHATTERismist-guy told him he loved him and then exposed him for a shallow fool on Street Talk ... that was just too good for words.

Listen to what he thinks of YOU ......

Here's a SMOOCH VD, from me to you. My guess is you enjoy it a lot more than I do. (Did I ever tell you I like girly-men with long hair -- shows a certain amount of self interest, and respect for what you are- or wish you could be).

Monday, August 21, 2006

Howler of the Day

VD(J) wanted to know who everybody's heros are. VD seems to think that David, or maybe he meant Job, from that book was a pretty neat guy. He doesn't mention Joshua -- and I guess you know what that means?

Yep. Another name change is on the way.

He doesn't mention his father.

But, he does mention this one -- please don't go into such screaming laughter that you roll around on the floor and hurt yourself or the cat after hearing this gem.

Anyone read his blog with "his" writing recently?

I had a teacher as competent as this once. To this day I can't spell normal English words but my spelling of complex scientific words is perfect.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Christian Sex Toy Site

Honest ....

But don't tell Jerry (the Jerk) Falwell, or the Purple Teletubby....


VD(J) Bites a Big One

VD(J) doesn't think much of bloggers - perhaps because he is such a lousy one. He says that bloggers have been celebrating the arrest of the killer of Jon Benet Ramsey, while he, the ever brilliant and insightful VD(J), saw something fishy in the story.

I read almost every Springfield produced blog almost every day. No one ... and I do mean no one ... has made so much as a single comment on the arrest. VD is simply blowing it out his ample ass. Listen to it HERE ....

But he is if nothing more than a local radio idiot willing to fight anyone and everyone who comes along, (excepting of course, Mt. Vernon, who is STILL chasing his scuzzy butt around the ring begging for him to actually stand still like a man that he and his father never were, and fight like he promised.) So today it's pit bull owners. He has contempt for them.

And what's more they are also criminals.

In your shop what is the first sign that the pimply kid in the next cubical is going to be paying a visit to the unemployment office shortly? Is it when he loudly proclaims to the world that he is right and the boss is a fool? Check this out ....

And just for the Lib-guy. This little piece of racist drivel from Neil Bortz, who wants to start a new political party. Got news for you Neil-pal, you ain't no Ross Perot.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stories that CHATTER missed ....

"My wife, Kim was telling Fred's wife about me and my owl watching and described how I got the owls to hoot back at me." She says, "That's funny, that's just what Fred has been doing", said Neil Simmons.

Fred and Wendy are neighbors in Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England. And then the dime dropped. "I felt like such a twit when I found out".

Fred and Neil spent a year hooting to each other from their gardens every night, each thinking the other was a real owl. "I couldn't resist hooting at the owls. I was absolutely delighted when they hooted back", Fred Cornes said. ""I never realized I was fooling my neighbor who was fooling me.

Call this hooting yourself in the foot.

Ohio Weslyn University has it's clapper back. "I can finally live in peace. Do you know what it is like, carrying that thing around for all these years?" reads the anonmyous note that accompanied the clapper, which weighs 40 pounds, and was from the bell of the school's Grey Chapel, which was stolen "decades ago" in a student prank. The negative reaction from the other students made the culprits afraid to come forward to return the bell banger.

I guess the Kleptomaniac Kollegians kept the copper clapper they copped in the closet, contrite, but incapable of confessing until conditions cooled.

Thanks Johnny Carson and Jack Webb.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Boogers Meet-up


Tonight is the full moon meeting of the SGF bloggers at the Patton Alley Pub at 7 ...

Be there .. or be square ...

Be sure to pick on the Lib guy ...

Remember the motto: Drink. Then adjourn.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lisa Lays Another Rotten Egg

Lisa Rose, the medical reporter for what KYTV likes to think of as the best local news program has bombed again. The problem is, that the station gets this stuff from some sort of syndicator, and the local reporter does a "voice over" according to the script, and like today ... doesn't have the foggiest idea of what the quality of information is that they are presenting to the public.

Tonight, it was "healing touch" or pehaps better known under it's older name of "therapeutic touch".

This is where some lulu woo-woo waves hands over the patient to adjust the patient's "energy field/aura/vapors/" to cause something to happen -- the "something" always remains undefined.

It's hard to know where to begin debunking this bunkum. Let's start with this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "HUMAN ENERGY FIELD"!!!!!!! (reference) It has never been observed, never been measured, leaves no impact on either the world around it or on the human himself.

No where was this more, or better, disproved than a grammer school science fair project conducted by 10 year old Emily Rosa in 1998. Read about Emily and her experiment HERE. It would seem that Lisa could have taken two minutes of her time to look this up on google, (it's #4 on the page), and save misleading her viewers. But why bother with facts if it interfers with a good story in local news?

I next expect to see the weatherman consulting a indian medicine man to do a rain dance to bring needed moisture. Or perhaps they would like to do a feature on the ability of dowsers to find the reason for that sinkhole in Nixa. Both would have as much credibility as Lisa and her segment.

I can get more physiological reaction by waving my middle finger at a traffic cop than any "therapeutic touch" artist is going to get from this waving hand "healing therapy" --- that they also have the gall to charge the patient for doing.

More Chicken Sounds than a Tyson Plant

VD(J) insulted not just the whole town of Mt. Vernon, but specifically a woman who lives there. Her husband, being a man, stood up for her and offered to give VD three rounds in the ring to settle it mano-a-mano, admission charged, going to the winner's favorite charity.

VD, in his typical loudmouth way, said, "Bring it on." And then started running faster than a girly-man. First, he wanted to set up the arrangements. "Fine", says Mt. Vernon, "Book it and let me know when and where."

Then VD wants to use 16 oz gloves so he won't hurt Mt. Vernon. "No way", says Mt. Vernon. It's 10 oz gloves so I can teach you the lesson you deserve.

And now Ms. Mt. Vernon has weighed in with the following e-mail of how VD is just trying to forget that someone is willing to beat the dog-shit out of him, can probably do it, and most likely will do it, one way or the other.

Well... the word is out about Vince and hubby "dukin' it out" for their favorite charity! So many people have come up to my husband and can't wait for him to kick some butt for Mt. Vernon!

However... I haven't heard anything back from vince since writing him (on Friday) saying that my husband is ready to go. Interesting.

You know, we've all noticed something very interesting about Vince. He can dish out the talk... but when you try to voice something negative about him... he comes unglued. He mentioned something about me and hubby being hyper-sensitive. Well.. Mr. Vince... we weren't the ones blowing this out of proportion. He actually kept saying things on the air that my husband didn't even say... just to TRY to make himself look better for being an idiot. But... thanks to the podcast.. we all know better! ha! ha!

Everyone can write him at and ask him how many clucks it takes for a chicken to cross the road.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Be Fearful America .. and Don't Forget to Vote Repugly

I have a question for the TSA and Der Faderland Security.

Since I can no longer bring my lipstick gloss on the airplane, and my breast milk has to pass your taste test before I board ... I have another question about what I can bring on an airplane.

I have size AAA boobs. So I buy bras (I don't know why) with gel implants in the bra. There are two of them in each bra (except for the Critic's ex-wife who has three - an additional one right in the middle), which means I can bring on two of the three ingredients needed for my bomb. (The Critic's ex can do it alone.)

So are you going to inspect my bra, and maybe cop a little feel of my AAA's? About as much fun as watching Paris in a sex tape taken by infrared.

Oh, and I almost forgot about my Dr. Scholl's. Usually I am gellin', but I won't be smilin' if you are denyin' my upliftin' and takin' away the swellin' of my nubbin'.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Conservative Idiots

This one made the top ten last week; but just barely, he came in at number 8.

Aren't you getting a bit tired of news stories that start like this? "Once considered a rising star in the local Republican Party, Jeff Habay now is Inmate 135151.

"That's right - yet another Republican "rising star" checked in to Hotel Calaboose last week, just the latest in a long line of conservative crooks who've fallen afoul of the long arm of the law.

Jeff Habay, a member of the Pennsylvania state House, was sentenced to six to twelve months in Allegheny County Jail last week after a jury convicted him of "conflict of interest, finding he used state workers and resources for his political campaigns," according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "The judge also delayed imposing the sentence until Habay faced a second trial - at the time scheduled for July - on 21 separate charges of witness intimidation, making false reports to police and harassment."The second trial will delve into allegations that Habay mailed himself an envelope full of white powder, and then tried to blame it on a political opponent.

Conservative idiot?

I should say so.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Offer to Turn Off VD(J)'s Lights

Ah, how sweet it is. VD(J)'s big mouth has gotten him the reward he richly deserves. I guess he will have to call his buddies at the police department again and request special protection from Desdovina, the Eternal Light. Or maybe the Guardian Angels can patrol in front of his house and leave empty bottles of Clearasil in his front yard for a change.

Without going into the details, a caller offered to knock his teeth so far down his throat that he would have to drop his drawers to eat lunch.

I vote for the caller.

Listen to it HERE ....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Georgies vacation

Princess George is in Crawford chopping brush.

It's my guess that this is about as close as he is ever going to come to wood.

Unless we bomb Iran ....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

More Silly Campaign Ads

Probably the best one is for a guy running for State Auditor who announces that he is anti-tax and pro-life.

Of course the Auditor's office has absolutely nothing to do with either one of those things.

Or, "Col." Jack Jackson who is proud of his military aviation background. As some background footage of his stint with Boeing as a test/evaluation pilot he runs a commercial showing the Harrier Jump Jet. A McDonald Douglas product -- invented by the Brits to boot.

Silly season is upon us.


I think I wrote this back in the early 70's (the fun of cleaning old files), but I am not sure if I didn't get it from someone. So if anyone can give me a clue ....

(to the tune of Home on the Range)

Oh, give me a clone,
Of my flesh and my bone,
With it's Y chromosome changed to X;
And when it is grown
Then my own little clone
Will be of the opposite sex.

Clone, clone of my own
With it's Y chromosome changed to X;
And when I'm alone
With my own little clone
We will both think of nothing but sex.

Oh, give me a clone
Hear my sorrowful moan
Just a clone that is wholly my own.
And if it's an X
Of the opposite sex
Oh what fun we will have when we're prone.

My heart's not of stone
As I've frequently shown
When alone with my dear little X.
And after we've dined
I am sure we will find
Better incest than Oedipus Rex.

Why should such sex vex
Or disturb, or purplex
Or induce a disparaging tone?
After all, don't you see
Since we're both of us - me
When were making love I'm alone.

And after I'm done
She will still have her fun
For I'll clone myself twice 'ere I die.
And this time without fail
They'll be both of them male
And they'll each ravish her by-and-by.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Paris Hilton to Become a Nun

It always gives me great delight when I find a story missed by the CHATTERismist-guy about his favorite subjects, hot sex, porn movies, tattoos, anorexia, and teachers. (OK - she's not a teacher but 5 out of 6 ain't bad.)

Here's Paris all dressed up to do a fund-raiser at Dickerson Park Zoo.

And since someone has tipped her off that she has been a very naughty girl of late, she will enter a convent.

Read the story HERE .....

Friday, August 04, 2006

Havin' Fun With "Intelligent Design"

ID is a fundamentalist protestant movement to try to introduce Biblical Creationism --- the words of Genesis 1 - not Genesis 2 - into classrooms under the guise of science.

It is totally dishonest and false. Provably so. But that has not stopped certain people and groups from trying.

There are three people most connected with the movement. Michael Behe, who wrote the book, Darwin's Black Box. He tried to argue that life on earth is irreducibly complex. too complex to be the result of organic evolution and instead required a "designer". Any scientist who read the examples he used laughed themselves silly by the end of the first chapter. It is just flat wrong and silly.

Another is William Dembski. A mathmatician who took a 1950's paper on information theory in computers and tried to apply it to biology. As I recall, it took less than a week to be debunked.

The third actor in this little dark age comedy is Phillip Johnson, who is not a scientist at all, but a lawyer, who tried to figure out a way to get around Supreme Court rulings that requiring he teaching religion in science classes was a violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution.

Well, as you saw in an earlier post I went to the fair to see old friend Jim Bohannon. Since Jim has a very big radio show, and interviews many authors, publishers send him all sorts of books hoping to get their guy on his show.

One of them sent to him was "Darwin's Nemesis", the love story of Phillip Johnson edited by William Dembski. He brought it to the fair and gave it to me, since he knew I would certainly appreciate it ... heh, heh, heh ....

But I immediately noticed that it was not autographed by the author, and pointed out to Jim that I did not except any book, even free ones, without it being endorsed to me personally.

"No prob", said he. And a willing person was found to autograph the book. See it HERE ....

I sent this link to Vic Stenger's list of physists and other scientists with the following message:

This is intended as a confession (confession is supposed to send me to heaven) to my friend Vic, and all the other list members …

I am actually a fundamentalist Baptist spy who was assigned to follow and send reports to my leaders about the goings-on in the atheist-science community.

Last night I met with my hero, Bill Dembski, who not only autographed, but gave me free of charge his new book about my second hero, Phillip Johnson.

To see the inscription, go to

There will be more of this on my blog tomorrow.

I apologize to the list for being a Benedict Arnold in your midst, but just had to do whatever I could to stop your nefarious, Godless attempts to force us loving, pious, fearing Christians into going to Hell.

I was disappointed that I only got one response from my troll. A person wished me good luck in searching for heaven. And I think he had tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Inside the Mind of the Donald


(1) Remove front and top covers

(2) Using a very fine probe explore random parts of the wiring, microchips and output devices.

(3) Record findings for your future Nobel Prize in Physiology

Listen to it HERE ....

And the question is: I find it easier to answer my own questions rather than yours, Senator.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Senator Bond's Stupid Idea

Sen Kit Bond (R-bloatedandruddycheeked?) has made a really bad, dumb, facist proposal.

He says that he wants to increase to a bunch of jail time journalists who report US government information that is classified.

Bad, bad, bad idea.

Here is the snake under that rock.

Only the executive can classify any or all information. And there are absolutely no restrictions on what can or cannot be classified. Let's face facts. Most stuff that is classified is classified so government can prevent people from knowing what government is doing. The administration is the absolute worst in history.

So ... all George Bush would have to do is classify everything ... everything ... including his own poo ... and if you reported about it ... or smelled it ... you go to jail.

Bond says this is to protect "State Secrets".

Bullshit ... absolute bullshit.

It is to protect this administration from the investigations that are coming in a very short time.

I can't wait until they scream about President Hillary classifying the National Health Care Plan.

Doin's At the Fair

Only fools go the Ozark Empire Fair on a day where the temperature hovers around 100, right?

Well ... right.

Call me a fool.

Every year old buddy Jim Bohannon does his national radio program from the fair ... and it is always good. And since he is so busy with speaking engagements, the Jim Bohannon show at night and the news program America in the Morning early mornings I seldom get to visit with him or his lovely wife. So I go to the fair where I can sit with Annabelle and enjoy the show. Jim also brought me a couple of gifts and I am still chuckling. You will be reading about them in this blog.

Last night the Lennon sisters were there -- well, at least three of the 1,200 or so Lennon sisters were there. Of course, the Lennon name is always connected with Lawrence Welk. Which reminds me of the best Branson story: Branson is a place where the audience has one foot in the grave; and some of the performers, like Lawrence Welk, have both. Jim Stafford notes that those horrific traffic jams you see on the strip are just caused by the Lennons and the Osmonds going to work.

At any rate, think what you will about their music they are a delightful family, still full of spark and life, who appear to really enjoy what they do and have a lot of fun doing it. I hated hearing that Peggy has remarried and is now living in California. Damn, missed another one!

Jim always has the headline performer on. Last night it was a country singer named Blake Shelton. I had never head of him but his sound is pretty enjoyable, even for a non-country fan. But he was extremely personable and witty and did a great interview with Bohannon, And of course there were a zillion screaming groupies surrounding us. But don't think too much about that; when the old facist drunk Charlie Daniels was on a couple of years ago there were screaming groupies there too. Maybe it just speaks to the youth of the Ozarks.

But, for me the best part was the photo you see above. (Since blogger is going thru it's daily screw-up you can see the photo by going HERE)That's Bohannon on the left, all dressed up like the famous guy he is, and on the right is a fella named Les Garland. Les worked with Jim at old radio station KICK, here in town that everybody listened to, oh so, many years ago when we all were kids. Still say, so what? Well Les is married to an incredibly tall and beautiful, former model. Still say so what? Well he is a refound friend and now lives in the Branson area.

Boy, this audience is tough to impress. Let me try this.

How about if I tell you he was the one who started MTV?

Oh, now you're impressed. Guess that tells me about MY audience.

Les started MTV, and is now neck high in another ground breaking music presentation. Now I bet that impresses you.

I can't decided which I covet more. His money or his wife.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Boogers Meet-up

We came. We drank. We adjourned.

Well, actually last night something got accomplished other than bad jokes, oggling the girls, and watching the Lib-guy defend hisself. The Springfield Bloggers are actually going to try to do something constructive involving the general public. They are a real example of how a very diverse group, politically, religious, social can have a good time with each other and carry on civil discussions without fistfights or nastiness. In other words, they are everything that talk radio isn't. More to come on this subject.

Duane Keys, the Minuta guy, takes some really great photos and it's amazing how he can find info that no one else knows about. One of the problems in taking snapshots is that camera flashes, no matter how expensive, just arn't that great. Unless you are at exactly the right distance they are too "hot" washing out colors, and overlighting some areas and underlighting others. Duane found plans for an "umbrella diffuser" that can be home built from simple parts that you can find pretty much anywhere and on eBay. He an I played around with it and I am sure he will have a lot more photos up on HIS SITE and on HIS FLICKR SITE.

Above is a photo that I took with my camera, using his setup. Shown is Dave Catanese the political reporter for KYTV, and Andy, Prof of journalism and rhetoric at Missouri State. (He has a podcast of the meeting on his site). I very much like this lighting effect.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Absolute Garbage on KYTV News

I just finished watching a report by Lisa Rose on some sort of non-medical therapy for migraine headaches.

The "practitioner" was not a doctor, or even identified as having the least bit of medical or science training. In the "therapy" the practitioner wears some sort of a pair of gloves and does something around the head of the patient which not only will cure their migraines, but according to the reporter, will also cure their shingles and herpes. (Interesting since shingles and herpes are caused by a virus -- and there may be some very high-tech treatments for viruses, waving your hands around the patient is not one of them,)

This is absolutely total garbage, as are many of the "medical" reports on Channel 3. It is woo-woo-ism at it's worst. And the station, and Lisa should both hang their heads in shame for presenting it to the public.

Not only were no references given to any medical literature, the only evidence was from the patient, who said that the "treatment" cured her of migraines. I simply cannot tell you how many of these frauds are going around the US today. Go to Quackwatch (a huge site on medical frauds) to see some of them.

What will Lisa report on tomorrow? How eating your lawn clippings can cure your cancer? How looking a a picture of Mel Gibson will cure your impotence? (And reverse your circumcision at the same time)

This is shameful, from a local station that says it prides itself on a good news department.

Is Castro Dead?

Some sources are saying he is. Probably not -- but close to death? Very possibly. It was announced some months ago that he had either a kidney or a pancreatic tumor, the reports were unclear, and therefore not very reliable. But he has clearly had emergency gut surgery in the past day or two. For an 80 year old, this is not a good sign.

Fidel is a sad case of America gone bad. And I lay the reason directly at the feet of John Foster Dulles. When Fidel was fighting the absolutely corrupt dictator Batista, the US supported Batista. This was at mostly the urging of the gambling (read that as the Mafia) and sugar interests.

Fidel, we surmised, was just another one of those raggedy-assed guerillas and would collape at the first real fight. (Gee -- have you heard that one recently?). So, we were surprised when he marched into Havana and took over. Fidel did not hold it against us; after all, he won. He tried to make peace with Dulles on many occasions. He even came to the UN where Dulles refused to meet him and he said "screw you, if you arn't interested I know someone who is...".

Think of how the history of the last 45 years would be different if we had not snooted thru our nose because we either thought, or he was, at the time a communist. We could have lived with that.

On a personal note. Many years ago, when we manufactured magicians props, Muhammed Ali special ordered a small magic prop that was built the way he wanted it. I have a tape of him showing the magic trick to Fidel (poorly -- but Fidel acted amazed anyway), and then gave Fidel the little prop, (because he said he was Muslim and therefore could not decieve anyone).

What will happen at the passing of Fidel? At this stage of the game, who knows. But because there will be a power vacumn in Cuba, I can promise that we won't like it, no matter what, and the Bush administration is totally incompetent when it comes to dealing with problems like this.