Sunday, February 27, 2005

Funniest web site I have seen

Thanks to Zepp, I suggest the link to this funniest site ever on how to scam a scammer.

It's long, but it gets funnier and funnier, until the screaming Monty Python finish. For gawd's sake don't stop reading until the end. I would suggest an hour to read it .. but it depends on how hard your side hurts from the laughs you will get.

For my British monetarily impaired friends, a quid is a Pound Sterling. I don't have any idea how much that is worth in real money either.

It is better than the story of the Rocket Car.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Gun Gonzo learns hard lesson

Read the story here.

Seems as though a crazy man decided to get a little bit of Texas Cowboy justice on his ex-wife with an AK-47 at the courthouse.

OK, so Billy Bob wants to commit mayhem with his commie rifle against his ex. Lots of people have thought about doing that.

But seems as though another armed citizen was around. Fully believing that he could carry his pistol for self defense. Rather than ducking. He tries to shoot it out with his .38.

Bad decision.

Time for the services have not been announced.

Rule number 1 for all you pod'ners with a pistol in your pocket. Make sure that the other guys is not better armed than you are.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Lege lies - so what else is new?

Some freedom-loving Repuglie in the Missouri Legislature has introduced a Bill to make not wearing a seat belt a primary offense -- one that you can be ticketed for, without any other circumstanses. As of now, you can't be arrested for that reason alone.

As far as I'm concerned anyone who doesn't wear a seat belt is brain-dead long before the accident happens.

But back when the mandatory seat-belt law was passed, the Lege, in order to get it passed, had to promise that they would never, ever, under no circumstances, make seat-belt laws a primary offense.

So they lied, but what else is new. Different people, different times, no respect for promises made in the past as long as the Repugs can get into your life, and in the case of seat-belts, your bedroom, a little better.

Plus the schools and cities need the money.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Idiot Auctioneer, Billy Long

Billy Long, a local used car salesman, and peddler of anything and everything, and a good Repug, said something that makes my IQ of 64 look like Einstein.

Billy (R-nottoobright) said that AG minister Doug Wead was just a shithead for taping George the Lesser.

Doug Wead is a shithead, noone denys it. Hell, he was a big winner in the pyramid scheme of AMWAY ... but was he a shithead for taping the smirk? No way.

Didn't hear Billy fussing much about Linda (R-I'mapig) Tripp taping her friend Monica Lewenski, did I fat boy?

Bully Long, using the Meyer Sewer radio station, KWTO, to sell heaters for your house that use no more electricity than your coffeepot, is just another slime salesman, trying to sell me on another idea that is not true, I don't want, and nobody needs.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Hunter S. Thompson Dead

Hunter Thompson committed suicide, by shooting himself in the head with one of his beloved guns last night. How sad.

But who in the world did not see this day coming 30 years ago?

Pick your favorite book ... mine is Hell's Angels. Hunter called himself a journalist. He was not. He was a crazed observer of our times, armed with a .44 Magnum, a bottle of bourbon, and a pen that was so clearly wicked that everyone from Richard Nixon to Sonny Barger felt the lash of the bastinado.

He reached the ultimate in compliments and immortality in becomming the character "Uncle Duke" in the Doonesbury comic strip. One can only wonder what he must have thought of that.

Thompson, whose behavior was always bizzare, had grown more bizzare in the past decade. Writing little, venturing out from his compound near Aspen only rarely, he managed to do what few from the sixties were able to accomplish -- he remained what he was on the 1960's -- a genius of the first rate.

Unca' Duke, RIP

Friday, February 18, 2005

Dealing with North Korea

We got a problem.

The problem is a belligerent nation, now most probably armed with nukes. Who may today not threaten Los Angles, but certainly will in the future -- and today threatens Seoul and Tokyo.

The belligencery of the Bush neo-cons will get us nowhere. China will not co-operate, nor will North Korea be intimidated.

So maybe it's time to rip a page out of the Richard Nixon strategy playbook.

I am a fan of women's volleyball. North Korea has a lot of talented players -- so do we.

Offer volleyball diplomacy. Invite some of the big-shots to come over here to play, and have dinner and talk and get to know us, and our big-deals will go over there. It will get huge attention, everybody will be on their best behavior, and it can't smoke a single city.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jillian Grace --March Playboy Playmate

The March Playboy Paymate spent some time in Springfield. When I saw her photos on Ron Davis's blog I thought that I had taken a few snapshots of her at one time...

I am not sure ...

So here are my pics ....


And here ...

And this is the pic from Davis's blog ....

Let me know if you think it's the same girl. If it is, I can tell you than she is really a sweet girl, no matter what the bluenoses say about her in the letters to the editor in the New and Loser.

Friday, February 11, 2005

What happened in N. Korea??

Some months ago there were widesread reports of a huge explosion and "mushroom" cloud from N. Korea.

A search this morning of the internet provides not a single peice of new information.

Certainly we had flights to collect atmospheric samples and there is no report or even any rumors.

What has happened? What do we know ... if it were some sort of accident at their space facility, why don't they publish it. If it was a bomb, why don't we publish it.

The silence is very mysterious.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Here come da' Judge

And I am not kiddin' ... although I do have a have a smile on my face, but then again, so do da' Judge.

Visitors and participants in Judge Donald Thompson's courtroom reported a strange sound ... kinda' like a blood pressure cuff sound.

Seems as though the good family values Republican Judge was using a pressure cuff alright, but not one that measured his blood pressure ... more likely, it increased it.

Read the story here.

Evidence was obtained from examination of da' Judge's robes, his chair, and the carpet.

I didn't realize that Debra LaFave was making an appearance in Oklahoma.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fake Journalist? Who can tell?

Enter one right wing character who calls himself Jeff Gannon. That's not his real name, but OK, call yourself whatever you want.

Then call yourself a journalist. Oh yeah, you went to a right-wing broadcast school run by a Texas Repug hack ... but shoot that doesn't make you any worse than a lot of others out there who call themselves journalists, work for "news" organizations, and didn't have the benefit of your training.

Get yourself a White House Press pass, in the face of the ever-vigilent Secret Service, using your false name, your fake news organization, and your fake bio. Uh, oh ... now things are getting serious.

Get close enough to the President to ask the following tough question:

"Thank you. Senate Democratic leaders have painted a very bleak picture of the U.S. economy. Harry Reid was talking about soup lines. And Hillary Clinton was talking about the economy being on the verge of collapse. Yet in the same breath they say that Social Security is rock solid and there's no crisis there. How are you going to work -- you've said you are going to reach out to these people -- how are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?

Read about the story here.

And guess who possibly leaked the information to that toothy slimeball Robert Knovac that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent? (Knovac has one false thing going for him that Gannon doesn't -- his teeth). Outing a CIA agent is a crime in this world, kiddies... people get very dead for doing that sort of thing.

And there you have the Republican press corps.

Oh, yes ... one more thing. Run some web sites for gay military men and women to get them ... er ... together. That story is developing.

What in the world will Doc Dobson and Phyliss Shake-a-flyaway say?

You can see a really interesting photo of Jeff Gannon here.

Smirk and "three-job Americans"

Bunnypants and his vaunted political advisor Unca' KKKarl
Rove really are screwing up on the choice of little people to embarrass on stage.

Seems like George the Lessor had a woman on stage with him in Nebraska who said, "I have three jobs".

The chimp immediately grabs the banana and says, "That's great".

Not so great actually.

Because this poor woman has to have three part-time jobs to pay the bills -- not elegible for any benefits for nonsense stuff like health care, retirement, vacations, holidays ... for those Red State Republicans who make her think she has such a good deal in life.

Story of America. Workers get screwed. Rich get richer. Companies can do anything they want to anyone. Regulations be damned.

Praise corporate wealth and power. Fuck the people. Typical Kansas thinking.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Make the Pope laugh today

A news report says that a couple of clowns (like the Shriners) were going into the hospital where the Pope is recuperating -- I guess to cheer up the kiddies, but wouldn't it be great if they dropped by John Paul's room??

I know what I would say if I were a clown and went into the pope's room.

"Good yontiff, pontiff."

Max Smelling dies

Who in the world thought he was alive all these years? He died at age 99.

He was defeated twice by Joe Lewis in the 1930's. Hitler was pissed that his aryan hero was pounded by a negro.

Thanks Max, you were a gentleman.

Dan Shorr would be proud

Remember the second most utterly corrupt President in history -- Richard Nixon??

Nixon had an "enemies list". Everybody was on it. Everybody but me, that is. I had to declare myself an enemy of Richard Nixon and put myself on the list.

Now we discover that Bunnypants has an enemies list too. Although his enemies are not as important as Dan Shorr. His enemies run more toward Fargo, ND, City Councilwomen and local teachers.

Read the story on Ron Davis's page here.

Being required to sign a loyalty oath is still in effect to watch the Smirk mangle the language and democracy at the same time.

Democrats in pink tutus...

Bunnypants kissed Joe Liberman after the STOU.

Liberman returned the favor by kissing the Smik's butt and voting for Gonzales.

Anyone still wonder why Gore lost -- and deserved to lose -- in 2000?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Repug Smack-Job speaks out

Former Senator Jessie Helms (R-marblesmouth) has been writing some letters.

This octogenarian imitation of Lester Maddux's ax handle, wants Bunnypants and Kinda'Sleazy Rice to oppose Bill Clinton's election to be Secretary General of the United Nations.

Never mind that Bill Clinton has never mentioned such a thing, or that the position is not open in the first place, it makes for good right wing copy for the Pigman, and Wolf the Whore.

Actually, Hillary is a much better candidate.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why do it? Because we can.

I just heard an announcement from our quasi-governmental utility company, who had the highest paid public employee in the State (and gave him almost a million dollar retirement present), that they made a really good deal for the citizens who own them in buying some electricity.

They were able to buy power from the federal/private grid for $5 per megawatt hour.

The TV that sits here in this room uses about 350 watts per hour.

Are they telling me that if I run that TV for 2850 hours, 24 hours per day -- for four months -- for a cost that they will charge me of $5?

HAHAHAHAHHA..... what a foolish thought.

They charge their customes about $0.055 per kilowat hour (and they claim to be a cheap supplier -- don't they all?). This means an income for them of about $5500 for that $5 purchase.

They just lost an election to build an almost billion dollar power plant -- to help the consumer, of course. Anyone wonder why?